Branded buildings and living spaces

Project: Property branding

Buildings can have their own personality. Through branding, buildings can complement a brand’s character and express its message by standing out from the crowd. Branded environments can extend the experience of a company’s brand or even a community by using distinguished characteristics such as the use of color, names, symbols, finished materials, environmental graphics and signage.

We found an interesting contrast between some countries where there is a strong creative expression of color and branded environments in living communities or office’s, to some of Dubai’s areas that don’t really communicate much about their own character and aesthetic lack of color.

The tall beige towers in the JBR’s beachfront or the vast beige Cedre Villas community in Silicone Oasis only to mention a few, is where you can see a constant use of the color beige… beige and oh have we forgotten, more beige!

Using our imagination as a property branding agency, we ask ourselves:

Is the lack of color In Dubai is influenced by the desert? And what were to happen if some of these areas would receive an injection of color?

We felt inspired and took it our creative hands to see how one area could look like.

JBR Towers in the Marina – a somewhat dull view of a large group of towers that overlook the Dubai beachfront all in beige.

If the Cedre Villas community in Silicon Oasis, Dubai were to have some color perhaps this could be what it would look like. But still the question remains, would this be Dubai’s Silicon’s Oasis reflection of its true character?

With a little paint and some bold typography, a school designed to change the life of its students has undergone a transformation.

Yungay, Valparaiso Chile – the project is indented to blend into the urban landscape characterized by a combination of small colorful houses.

By Grace Yacoub