Brand mascots as part of storytelling

One of the key elements of storytelling is the use of characters to enable audiences to connect with the storyteller’s message. The same applies to the discipline of branding.

When companies set out to define their brand stories, the guiding objective of the story should be to connect with the intended audience both on an emotional level and a cognitive level.  To use a common marketing formula, brand stories are what build platforms of awareness, consideration and  ‘trial & buying‘ motivation from the customer’s perspective. Strong brand stories are also what ensure the repetition of this process.

In the pursuit of creating brand stories that resonate with target audiences some brands go a step further, creating fictional and real characters that live well beyond a campaign, becoming a distinctive cue that can stir up emotions long after the conclusion of a campaign. Nurtured correctly brand mascots have the potential to become a strong element for point of difference and to create better brand recall. By doing the job of personifying a brand, brand characters can transform the image of say a battery cell to a battery cell that lasts and performs much better than inferior competitor battery brands (think Duracell battery bunny).

Below is a list of a few recognizable brand characters. Can you name the brands? What other strong Arab or non-Arab brand characters can you think of?