Here’s a quick roundup of the topics and events on our radar over the last couple of days:

[Bookmarked] Six things to consider before you start brand advocacy programmes – Article link

Flags of Libya – thoughts on what Libya has to offer global brands after the Arab Spring as written by Zaman GM John Eccles in an earlier post.

The new identity for London City Airport as featured on the Design Week website c couple of days ago has made us curious about the brand identities of airports in our region. To be covered in a future post! Article link

35 tutorials on how to build an app – Article link

Café sounds to increase your productivity – apparently, there are studies out there that indicate we (humans) are more productive when in an environment with a hum / buzz of activity in the background, say like in a coffee shop. Hence the app – Coffivity. We’re not entirely convinced but you be the jury and check out for yourselves – :)

Mercedes Benz Arabia has created a series of short stories that put the spotlight on “people to watch” across the UAE – entrepreneurs, designers, leaders who are setting trends in their respective fields. –

Exploration of the meaning of Arabness.

As identities go, Arabness is one of the most complex, varicolored, and historically and politically contested designations. Millions of people believe in it, swear by it, and yearn for it, yet no one can conclusively define it. by Nasser Rabbat (MIT, anon)

As we prepare to launch the second edition of 100 Most Authentic Arab Brands later this year, we find ourselves asking what is the essence of an Arab brand that distinguishes it from a say German brand (efficient), Nordic (creative), Italy (passion), etc? The above quote is an excerpt taken from the full article which can be found here.

BONUS: We’ve added new case studies on our website, one of which is the updated corporate brochure and coffee table book we designed and created for the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. Click here to view them all.