Authencity in Business is it relevant?

The inauguration of the Kei Café in Kuwait sheds light on the importance of Authenticity for the promotion of a culture. The weight that the Japanese government put behind the launch campaign demonstrates how they counted on Authenticity to create a differentiated position for the country. Thereby reinforcing their messages about improving their cultivation techniques and quality of their produce.


For the food industry, Authenticity is equivalent with natural and quality. In branding, we associate it with realistic promises, genuine delivery, and relevance to the culture.  In the Arab world, there are many authentic concepts that could inspire businesses. Yet, we tend to brush them on the surface or neglect them for the sake of modernity. And there are many brands that never thought that Authenticity counts.


Perhaps we should learn from the Japanese and think of the best quality ingredients in our businesses so that we inspire the world.


Tags: Café Kuwait design interiors campaign authenticity branding

By Grace Yacoub