One of the ‘perks’ of the deliberate alignment of Zaman’s identity as an agency with the celebration of varied expressions of the Arab world, is that, because of the type of projects we take on we get to spend a significant amount of time researching and learning something new about this rich heritage.

We’ve recently stumbled across the work of a London-based Moroccan artist called Hassan Hajjaj, who was in the UAE last month at The Third Line gallery debuting his first exhibition in Dubai ‘My Rockstars: Volume 1’ – a series of studio portraits that Hajjaj has been working on since 1998.

Artist bio:

“Hassan Hajjaj’s work encompasses many techniques and fields, from designing and producing furniture including lamps, stools, poufs made from recycled North African artifacts such as upturned Coca-Cola crates as stools, road signs turned into tables tops as well as custom made clothes and photography. Hajjaj is best known for designing the ‘Andy Wahloo’ bar-restaurant in Paris; which is a nod to one of his favourite artists, Andy Warhol, but also at the same time refers to a Parisian slang term meaning ‘I have nothing’, adopted by Hajjaj as a way of describing his work.

His latest works have incorporated the language of fashion photography, as well as African studio photography in a series of playful portraits of friends and various other characters from the streets of Marrakesh.” Below are more images of Hassan’s work and here’s a direct link to the artist’s website.