Arabization of international brand logos

A logo as one of the most visual cues of a complete brand identity is a very powerful thing. However, a logo in a form that is not understood by its intended audiences or compromising the brand’s core message is quite another thing.

For international brands that use Latin calligraphy for their logos translating/converting into the Arabic equivalent whilst retaining the overall feel of the original typographic style is not an easy task. The “Arabization” of logos, as it’s commonly referred to, has always incited some interesting discussions among communication design professionals, with most in agreement that there needs to be more respect of the calligraphic rules of each style.

Lebanese design professional Nina Kreidie outlines the common mistakes made in the Arabization of logos, using the history of Islamic calligraphy to make a great case for strengthening the Arab script visual identity in her post titled ‘Arabic Latin Logo Adaptation’on her blog Logo Talks.

Below are examples of logos of international brands that have been given Arabic translations by Middle East logo designers.

And here are a few examples of real world Arabized logos: