By Maryam Ahmed, Intern @ Zaman

Stationery is a word that we mostly associate with our daily office requirements. Personally, I did not know that the word stationery is a common word in design and branding until recently. Some of us think of stationery as rigid and serious, some perceive it in a more personal way. Stationery can be papers (company letterheads, branded notepads, envelopes), office supplies, cards, pencils, stickers etc.

In the design field, stationery is mostly designed for companies both big and small, as well as freelancers. When thinking about companies I tend to imagine serious and rigid designs, however there are many businesses that approach branding and the design of their stationery in a more personalized way relating their customers to the place or brand. I think this is a more successful approach, because people like to relate to the place or the object.

The way the stationery is designed can also help the customers of that business to understand the nature of it more. Plus, visual impressions are very necessary to how we perceive a certain company or a product. Not to forget that when designing stationery for a business the design of the theme needs to stay consistent through out all the stationery so that it all looks like a part of the business.

An important aspect of designing stationary for businesses is business cards, obviously! Business cards appear to be the most personal as they directly relate to a person, but in big businesses where the stationary needs to stay consistent all business cards need to have the same theme. But, who knew that some really jazzed up business cards exist out there?

Other examples of stationery created by Zaman Branding that I find appealing include:

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