100 Most Authentic Arab Brands. What makes a Brand authentic?

Zaman has launched the 100 Most Authentic Arab Brands initiative.

Zaman has  launched a customer education drive focused on building its Authentic Branding  promise. It aims to make the spirit of branding more accessible to consumers and communicate how consumer lives are enriched by brands.

It is about taking on the role of helping customers and brands owners better understand the ins and outs of successful brand behavior. “We’re truly passionate about being the genuine face of marketing”.

Start your voting now and learning about some of the Brands authentic stories.
Vote for the Brands you like most, or you think are the most authentic and deserve to win! By clicking the button LIKE.
Everyday you can vote for different Brands but you will never be able to vote more then once on the same Brand so it all remains fair.

When we are thinking about what makes a Brand authentic we should consider asking these questions and reflect on our own experiences with that particular brand.

Do these Brands make us feel proud?
Does their story match their experience? (Advertising, what people say about it, what people fell when they interact with the brand)
Are they authentic? Are they just money driven or are they genuinely trying to resolve problems, do they offer solutions/ are they honest?
Are they unique? Can they become legends? Do they have something really appealing?
Can they inspire us? Do they engage their costumers? Have they created a difference in the market?