We are Zaman.|| A Multidisciplinary Creative Agency|| Based in Dubai, UAE||


Dream, Create, Inspire

Zaman is a multidisciplinary creative brand design agency based in Dubai, committed to building masterful Arab brands. Established in 1996 by Grace Yacoub, the dedication to timeless creativity and the love for design is something that has never waned..

Our capabilities range from Brand Strategy, to Development of Naming, and Design of Visual Identity, Environments, Graphics, Products, Way In Signage, Installations, Events, Exhibitions, Digital, and Media.

Beyond the traditional boundaries of branding & communication we believe in the synergy of art, design & marketing.  



CEO & Founder

Our Recent Projects

Zaman is no ordinary brand design company. Although we have a wide range of professional experience having worked on telecom, financial, industrial, family groups, art, hospitality, real estate, retail, and fashion, our portfolio extends beyond brand strategy, design and communication projects to events, environments, online, and product design. 

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